Change is coming!

NCCER is excited to continue embarking on our digital move by enhancing our curricula development process to provide faster updates and diverse delivery methods.

Content Development

New subject matter expert (SME) process will allow online collaboration and flexibility in review and recommendation.

Production Process

Curriculum will be updated more efficiently on a module level due to the new online SME process.


Curriculum will be available both online and on mobile devices. Individual module downloads of instructor resources will be possible, letting instructors utilize materials as needed.

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Reasons for transforming our curricula development process …

  • Current revision process takes 29 to 37 months to update four levels

  • NCCER spends $1.2 million annually on a small number of titles

  • Ever increasing demand for digital solutions while a real demand for printed text books remains

One of the first changes you'll see …

For those of you tired of keeping up with the confusion of expiration dates and equivalencies, help is on the way!

Titles released in 2018 will no longer have date suffixes at the end of module numbers. This is only one step in our move to simplifying our processes for our customers with the end goal being one module – one test – one credential.


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