All NCCER module testing will be moved online by August 1, 2021.

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As NCCER continues to provide innovative technologies that both appeal to the next generation of workers and give our industry partners the tools to efficiently train their employees, the online NCCER Testing System has proven to be an effective tool. With over 1 million tests processed, NCCER has worked over the last three years to establish and enhance the system, as well as increase testing integrity.  

NCCER’s online testing system saves you 87% in time and testing management cost, as well as maximizing instructor effectiveness and reducing paperwork.


  • Bring testing to the job site. The online testing system conforms to multiple devices (laptops, tablets, etc.).  
  • Convenient proctor station. Proctor station makes administering tests easy and quick.  
  • Group submission of Performance Profiles. Submit profiles by group of trainees to Registry automatically.


  • Multiple test versions help protect the integrity of NCCER testing. Questions are automatically scrambled.   
  • Higher security. Reduced exposure and liability with no need for paper module test record keeping for audits.   
  • Specialized URLs. Available for correctional facilities, specific URLs provide added security. 


  • Less administrative work. Save time without the burden of printing and scoring tests. Passed test records are automatically reported to the Registry.  
  • Receive immediate scoring. Students immediately know their score.  
  • Printable reports. Score reports and training prescriptions are immediately available.  

Funding Options 

Module Test Purchasing Options

Subscriptions (NOT Transferrable)

These prices are on a per student, per year basis and can be paid for at the time of ordering or within 30 days:

  • $20.00 - Secondary schools 
  • $24.00 - All other organizations and companies

Per Test

These prices are based on organization type and billed on a monthly basis:

  • $2.25 - Nonprofit organizations, schools and correctional facilities
  • $2.60 - Business and industry

Pipeline Program

  • $5.00 per test

Perkins V Act – Available for education!

Did you know Perkins V funding could be used to buy tests or computers/tablets for testing? 

Perkins V, Section 135(a), states that each local recipient receiving funds must be used “... to develop, coordinate, implement or improve CTE programs to meet the needs identified in the comprehensive needs assessment ....”  

In addition, Section 135(b)(5), provides that “… elements that support the implementation of career and technical education programs and programs of study and that result in increasing student achievement of the local levels of performance” may include: 

(D) appropriate equipment, technology, and instructional materials (including support for library resources) aligned with business and industry needs, including machinery, testing equipment, tools, implements, hardware and software, and other new and emerging instructional materials. 

(F) industry-recognized certification examinations or other assessments leading toward a recognized postsecondary credential. 

(J) expanding opportunities for students to participate in competency-based education programs.

NTSA – Available for contractors and associations! 

Were you aware you could use your NTSA funds to buy tests or even computers/tablets for testing?

The National Training Service Agreement (NTSA) is used by the industry as a means to fund a company's training program.

Participants voluntarily contribute 16 cents per craft-labor hour to an individual account that NCCER establishes and maintains for the contractor or association.

  • 13-cents is directly reimbursed to the contractor/association for approved training and workforce development expenditures.

  • 2-cents is indirectly reimbursed through support for NCCER program and workforce development efforts.

  • 1-cent is indirectly reimbursed support for Build Your Future recruitment and image enhancement effort.

As we strive to make the switch to online testing as simple as possible, check out the resources below:  

NCCER Testing System Training Series: Task-based Videos

Scheduled online training now to get started.

“It’s useful, state of the art and makes my life easier…”​ – Gary Affolter, Construction Craft Academy​

“NCCER’s Testing System has been a gamechanger.” – Danielle Labbe, ABC Pelican Chapter​

“Our office has now begun an initial statewide rollout… ” – Craig Pendergraft, NC Department of Public Instruction 

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