Test Taker Affirmation for Remote Testing

I understand that I am beginning a formal testing session and that any actual or perceived violation of the policies and procedures set forth below or in the Security Statement associated with the module test may result in termination of my testing session and/or other protective measures/legal recourse deemed appropriate by NCCER.

I attest:

  • I am in a quiet and uninterrupted environment.
  • I understand that if I click outside of the testing session, my test will be paused, and it could cause my testing session to be terminated.
  • I will stay within full view of the camera at all times as this testing session is being conducted in a remote environment.
  • I understand this testing session is being recorded and reviewed by NCCER auditors, except as otherwise prohibited by law.
  • I understand that this is a closed-book testing session.
  • I understand that I may not enter into any discussion or interact with anyone other than the proctor during the testing session.
  • I will not use any reference materials unless approved by NCCER.




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